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Alert to all the car owner who used to jogging at Bukit Komanwel which located next to Sri Petaling LRT! Please read this carefully and stay alert! Spread this news to alert your friends!

Last Saturday (8/11/2008), my friend and I were jogging there. As usual, we parked the car by the street and walked into the park around 7.40 am.

When we returned to get my friend’s car, the side window of the passenger seat was broken and it was on the floor in one piece. The glass spiderwebs, but stays in one piece due to the plastic film. The front drawer was opened, stuff scattered around all over the seat.
My friend lost a branded Sunglasses, a coin bag and some cash.

When we looked around, we realized that we are not the only victim there!!!
There was a white MYVVI in front of my friend’s car which i believe was a female owner as I saw a pair of female slipper at the driver seat. It looked like the thieve do not interested in radio set, smart tag, touch and go card for some reason they didn’t took it from my friend’s car and the MYVVI.

We talked to an uncle who drove there just in time for jogging and we found out the inccident was actually happened everyday!! One thing for sure was the thieve only stole handy thing such as IC, Driving License, money etc. According to the uncle, the thieves usually comes in pair by motorcycle in between 7.15am to 8.00am almost every morning but there was no sign of policeman althought its a recurring case. The thieves will spiderweb your side windows by the helmet and make an open at a point along the frameline. Then pull out the windows in one piece to make their ssearching job easier.

Here are some photos i took using my handphone at the scnene!!

Same point they break in after they spiderweb and pulled out your window in one piece.

Radio set, Smart Tag and Touch and Go Card remain unstole. Weird huh?

Actually there was a sign of burglar in the neighbourhood as the glasses shattered over the bushes and around the pillar but we only realised it after what happened to us. Too late!

I can’t belive the only police station in Sri Petaling was closed in the saturday morning! So we have to proceed to OUG police station instead. Sigh!

Share this to your friend and protect yourself and your family!

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