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Yesterday I attended a training at Microsoft, located in Petronas Tower 2, KLCC. It opened my eyes as I never think of having to go thru the security check as in airport where you have to actually put your belongings including cell phone in the conveying line to scan thru the machines, exactly in airport checking points. All the while you wandering in this tower you have to carry along the visitor pass that in exchange of my IC at the register counter just before I go thru the security checking point.

We were told that there was a lucky draw at the end of training and this is the lucky guy who took away ‘my’ HP Laserjet Printer! Gosh~ How come I never got this kind of luck!

See what a sparkling deco and tallest christmas tree in KLCC!!
I can even take a star from the tree. haha~Suddenly it becomes so small to me?! (^^)
Well, this is the actual size of the tree….. alomost 5 level height!! (*o*)’

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